If you’re tired of a bare backyard, then maybe it’s time to invest in a beautiful arbor to take up some of the extra space. At NuGen Contractors, we offer a broad range of customizable arbors that are perfect for any use, landscape design or style you may favor.

An arbor is an extension of your backyard. It can add beauty, protection from the elements and a little bit of flair, too. Now is the time to invest in professional arbor installation, design and repair in Dallas/Fort Worth.

Arbor Installation

When it comes to professional arbor installation, you have a few options to liven up your backyard in Texas. First and foremost, know that NuGen Contractors can and will help you design and build a custom arbor of your choosing. We’ll make sure to match your landscape and tastes.

You have a few options when it comes to backyard arbors, though. These options include the traditional arbor, archway, gable garden and cedar arbors. All are fine additions to any backyard expanse.

Arbor Repairs

Whether caused by age, weather or children, your arbor may endure a bit of wear and tear over the years. As a homeowner, you want your arbor looking its absolute best, right? At NuGen Contractors, we provide homeowners with expert arbor repairs to ensure your installation looks its very best — no matter the time of the year or age of the arbor.

Arbor Design

As we said, there are a few options when it comes to backyard arbors. Depending on your specific tastes and needs, we can help you design the perfect arbor to suit your growing garden or one for aesthetic purposes above all else. We only use the finest materials and designs when it comes to arbors in Texas backyards.

Once we’re done and you have approved of the arbor design, our expert team will get to work building and installing your new arbor quickly.

Cedar Arbors

The quality, color and style of cedar wood make it the perfect choice for a wood arbor for your home. Using red cedar makes for a durable and stable arbor that fits well in any environment in Texas. Even better, we can shape the cedar into a variety of sizes that never lose their beauty.

If you would like to invest in your backyard, consider professional arbor installation and design from NuGen Contractors. Give us a call at 214-923-5007!

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