What You Need to Know About Adding the Bay Window You’ve Always Wanted for Your Plano Home

Billy Kegg
Consider adding a new bay window to your Plano home for value, comfort, and a better view overall.

By Archi_Viz at Shutterstock

Choosing the best window for your home comes down to your personal preference, style and of course, your budget. If you have always dreamt of the perfect bay window, then now could be your chance. It’s now easier than ever to schedule an installation and add value to your home.

You see bay windows all the time on television and in movies. They’re beautiful, comfortable and efficient in most residential homes.

What’s the Difference Between a Bay Window and a Bow Window?

It’s easy to confuse a bay window and a bow window. A single letter differentiates the two names, but it’s their style that really sets the two apart.

  • Bay Windows — A bay window is typically three or more windows that jut out from the exterior wall. As the windows protrude outward, they provide an extensive view of the outside and additional seating space or storage space for your home.
  • Bow Window — A bow window is also designed to extend outward from an exterior wall. However, unlike a bay window, a bow window is typically four, five or even six windows in total. Due to the curve, a bow window can include more windows but generally less space for a seat underneath the viewing port.

Which Window Style Is Right for Your Home?

Determining which type of window you want for your home — bay or bow window — can be a tough decision for any homeowner. It’s important to remember that because of their size, such window types typically require a large opening. For instance, if your living room has floor-to-ceiling windows already, then you can remove them and install a bay or bow window.

Do you want to add a sitting bench for the children to read in the afternoon? Then a bay window is a perfect choice. If you’re more interested in a better view of the front or backyard, then a bow window will do the trick.

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