Can Replacement Windows Cut Down on Busy Frisco Street Noise?

Billy Kegg
Cut down on outside noise with new replacement windows in Frisco

By Elizabeta Galitckaia at Shutterstock

A good majority of old homes were built with single-pane windows. For the time, these were fine and did the job, but would let in a lose of noise pollution and lower energy efficiency. Today, we know better. As homeowners, we want the best and we want to avoid the overwhelming noises of the outside world when we’re at home. For that, today’s double-pane and storm windows are making waves.

Not only do storm windows help reduce the noise from the busy street outside but they protect your home from thunderstorms, tropical storms, and high winds.

Reduce Outdoor Noise with Replacement Windows in Frisco

If you live in a big city or crowded town, chances are high that you’ve endured traffic, noisy neighbors, and construction at some point. Noise pollution is tough to escape when it’s everywhere. Your windows may be letting in more noise than you think, though. If you have single-pane windows, then they are definitely the cause of your headache.

New replacement windows, besides looking good, can cut down on noise transfer into and out of your home. They add extra insulation, as it were.

  • Soundproof Windows — Today, you have options when it comes to replacement windows. For example, soundproof windows help to minimize noises altogether by incorporating new technology into the glass pane itself. The cost of soundproof windows varies depending on the quality, so research your options carefully.
  • Storm Windows — A low-E storm window offers the combined benefit of protecting your home while insulating it from outside noise. While most of Texas does not need storm windows installed, the protection you receive against the weather is an added benefit.
  • Thicker Glass — Some windows are now designed with thicker glass panes. These panes are half- to three-quarters of an inch thick to absorb more sound. Even better, most thicker windows are a cost-effective option.

Benefits of Soundproof Windows

Besides the obvious soundproofing, today’s new windows are hoping to add countless benefits for their cost.

  • Energy Savings — A thicker window adds an extra layer that helps restrict airflow and energy loss from within the home. Therefore, you’ll save money on your monthly energy bills.
  • Reduced Condensation — These windows also rectify window condensation problems, as they have dual panes, which include a sealed air gap that acts as insulation.
  • Convenient Insulation — Nowadays, scheduling a window replacement is easier than ever. One call to a local window replacement company will set you right.

For today’s best window replacement in Frisco for noise reduction and energy savings, call NuGen Contractors. You can reach us now at 972-430-6190!