Outdoor Fire Pit Suggestions for Your Denton County Home

Billy Kegg
Invest in an outdoor fire pit for your Denton County home and enjoy outdoor living to the fullest

By randy andy at Shutterstock

If your backyard is empty space, waiting for a purpose, then an addition makes perfect sense. An outdoor fire pit is the go-to for many homeowners in Denton County. With the chilly season finally upon us, it makes sense to light a fire and sit around with friends and family for warmth and good conversation. Even in your backyard, a fire pit is a welcome retreat.

But first, you need to choose the right fire pit for your home. There are many styles, shapes and colors to suit your style and tastes.

Fire Pit Styles to Consider for Your Backyard

If you have spent time researching fire pits for your backyard, then you already know there are a few styles on the market. Some are temporary and cheap, but you have some that are stationary — built into the ground itself — for a permanent installation for the whole family to enjoy.

  • Temporary — A temporary fire bowl comes in a variety of sizes. The design is nothing more than a container to hold logs or beads for a gas-powered fire pit. You can elevate the legs to customize how heat dissipates or sit it right on the ground.
  • Stationary — A stationary fire pit is highly customizable, albeit more expensive, and designed as a long-lasting installation. Many homeowners opt for fancy brickwork or stone, with a metal bowl or pit in the center to hold logs or beads.

Depending on your backyard and needs, either could suit you well.

What Size Fire Pit Is Right for Your Space?

The next big question, when choosing a fire pit, is what size is best for your space. There are some considerations here. A permanent fire pit, for example, is likely to be slightly more substantial and more expensive. A temporary solution is smaller — easily moveable — for safe storage and relocation.

Then, there’s fuel type — gas or wood — and materials to consider. As we said, you may choose from stone, brick or metal as an exterior material for the fire pit.

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