When You’re Looking for Roof Longevity in North Texas, Which Lasts the Longest?

Billy Kegg
Pick the perfect roof for your North Texas home for longevity and durability.

By romakoma at Shutterstock

Your home was a big investment — likely your largest. It only makes sense to protect all that you’ve built and bought with a durable residential roof. But which material is designed to last? You don’t want to schedule roofing services in North Texas, only to find out you need a replacement in a few years.

For the best roofing material in North Texas, in terms of longevity, let’s explore a few worthwhile options for your home.

Evaluating Cost and Longevity When Replacing Your Home’s Roof

Your chosen roof should be the perfect combination of affordability and longevity. For the sake of this piece, let us look at asphalt shingles — one of the most common forms of residential roofing on the market today.

On average, asphalt shingles are designed to last up to 30 years with regular maintenance. For that length, you’re looking at about $5 per square foot for installation. However, the price does vary based on labor costs and type of shingles. On average, for a 2,000 square foot home, you’re looking at around $11,000.

Typically, unless you’ve just bought your “forever home,” you’ll likely need to replace an asphalt shingle roof anywhere from two to three times — sometimes up to four. That’s a grand total of up to $44,000 for the roof over a span of 100 years.

Which Roofing Material Will Outlast the Others?

The roofing material you choose will be based upon a number of factors. These factors include the cost, longevity, and style of the material. Let’s explore the top options on the market and how long they will last.

  • Wood — 20 years
  • Asphalt — 20-30 years
  • Metal — 50+ years
  • Concrete — 50-100 years
  • Tile — 50-100 years
  • Slate — 100+ years

With these numbers, we can easily discern that slate roofing is built to last. Slate is a type of stone laid directly onto the roof itself. It is extremely heavy and, therefore, quite durable — impervious to both pests and many types of rot and growth. The thing is slate roofing is expensive.

If we’re looking at both cost and longevity together, then your best option is, hands down, metal roofing. The material is beautiful, durable, and designed to last for 50 years — sometimes even more with maintenance and prompt repairs.

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