When Does Your McKinney Residence Need a New Roof? Know the Telltale Signs

Billy Kegg
Learn the top signs that indicate you need a roof replacement in McKinney today

By Oleksandr Khokhlyuk at Shutterstock

Your McKinney roof was built to last. But even the strongest of roofing materials will eventually break down and require roof replacement before long. Once your roof meets the end of its useful life, your home is then put at risk for roof leaks, mold and pests. As a homeowner, you should know the signs of a failing roof and when to schedule a replacement to protect what is yours.

Watch for the warning signs and ensure you have plenty of time to schedule a professional roof replacement in McKinney the right way!

Signs You Need a New Roof in McKinney

The easiest way to evaluate your home’s roof yourself, without bringing in an expert just yet, is to venture up into the attic with a flashlight. Make sure the flashlight you bring as a bright beam so you don’t skip over any damage.

  • Daylight — The design of your roof ensures there are no gaps for sunlight, water, or pests. If you notice daylight sneaking through the roof boards, without the flashlight on, you can identify cracks or holes in the roof. This light is an immediate sign of impending trouble.
  • Dark Stains — Another easily-identifiable problem is dark streaks or stains on the underside of the roof or down the walls at the base of the roof. If you notice such marks, chances are high you’ve got a significant roof leak and moisture buildup.
  • Sagging — As water and moisture begin to accumulate in the roof, you’ll start to notice affected areas beginning to sag inward. You can use your hand or a broom to gently tough the spot. If it feels soft or wet or bends easily, it’s significant water damage.
  • Leaks — Alongside the usual signs, like dark stains, any obvious water damage or water leaks are a good indication of rot. You’ll need to contact someone immediately before the water damage worsens or a portion of your roof collapses. Before a leak can worsen and damage your home, schedule a replacement.

A Full Roof Inspection is in Order

While the signs we mentioned above can be diagnosed without any help, you’ll need an expert roofing contractor for a full roof inspection in McKinney. You do not want to venture up on the roof. If there is noticeable water damage and sagging, one wrong step could send you soaring through the roof and into the attic.

To avoid injury and worsening roof damage, we recommend hiring a professional. An exterior roof check will bring to light any leaks, water damage, dark stains, rot, mold or algae growth, decaying shingles and damaged flashing. These are further signs that you need a roof replacement sooner rather than later.

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