Will Adding Windows with Retractable Screens Make a Noticeable Difference to Your Frisco Home?

Billy Kegg
Consider investing in retractable screens for your Frisco home to add value, comfort and efficiency

By Africa Studio at Shutterstock

You likely wouldn’t think of the residential window industry as a market advance exponentially over the years. However, modern residential windows are innovative. Here in Texas, for example, retractable screens are a must. They offer numerous benefits that may make a noticeable difference in your Frisco home.

What Are Retractable Screens?

You have likely heard of a window screen. Most residential windows have a screen to help keep bugs and intruders out of your home. It’s another level of deterrent. These types of screens are stuck in place, however.

A retractable screen, as the name implies, is designed to retract. The screen itself will roll up into an overhead protective casing that can easily be installed over an existing window or door. The positioning of the casing allows it to remain relatively hidden.

When you open the door or window, the screen unrolls and covers the space to protect against insects while you enjoy the fresh air and a cool breeze.

What Are the Advantages of Retractable Screens?

  • Retractable screens can be installed over any existing entry door, including in-swing or out-swing, and residential windows around the home.
  • A retractable screen ensures you, the homeowner, can enjoy a perfect view through any door or window in your home without an obscured view.
  • The fabric of the screen is fully protected from harmful UV rays, dirt and weather once retracted into its overhead casing.
  • You do not need to uninstall or remove a retractable screen during the winter.

What to Look for When Purchasing Retractable Screens

If you want to invest in retractable screens for your home, you’ve come to the right place. But first, take a look at what makes a high-quality retractable screen.

  • A screen system with a compact and attractive housing paired with smooth operation.
  • A unit capable of retracting quietly at a controlled pace and not one that slams shut loudly.
  • A screen with insect pile on the top and bottom rails to prevent bugs and ensure easier handling.

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