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You likely know NuGen Contractors for our exceptional roofing and remodeling services in Dallas/Fort Worth and the surrounding area. Our experienced team is also adept at managing and reversing fire and water damage of any scope. From a minor leak to a full-blown kitchen fire, there’s no disaster we cannot tackle.

Our top-rated fire and water restoration services are the answer to your problem!

Expert Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration in Dallas/Fort Worth

Both fire and smoke will quickly damage your property unlike any other type of disaster. The flames lick at your cabinets and walls, the smoke seeps into every crack and crevice. It’s unsafe to even be in the home.

If your home has recently been damaged by fire or smoke, you likely need fire and smoke damage restoration services. But what does fire/smoke damage restoration involve?

  • Securing your home. Our restoration experts will take steps to ensure that your home isn’t damaged any further due to weakened structures or potential water damage.
  • Cleanup and removal. Smoke and smoot are usually too difficult to clean out on your own. Most things will need a deep scrub and wood will likely need sanding and refinishing. Some things may be more expensive to clean than simply replace.
  • Repairs. Painted surfaces affected by fire and/or smoke will need to be carefully scraped and repainted. Things that can’t be replaced will need to be carefully restored.
  • Renovations. Sometimes a home can be so damaged by a fire that it is cheaper and quicker to renovate than to restore everything the way it was. NuGen offers home renovation services to help your home have a new start.

Call NuGen Contractors today for a free inspection of any fire and/or smoke damage to your home. NuGen Contractors hires only the best and most experienced fire and smoke damage restoration professionals in the Dallas/Forth Worth area so your home will be in good hands.

Our restoration technicians will work overtime to reverse any fire and smoke damage and make sure your home is safe once more. All that you know and love will be back soon enough!

Top Water Damage Restoration in Dallas/Fort Worth

From a plumbing leak to a flood, water damage is a problem that many of us face. You may have water damage if you’ve had any of the following in your home:

  • Leaking or bust pipes. Leaking pipes may go unnoticed for long periods of time, leading to unnoticed water damage beneath sinks and cabinets.
  • Faulty hot water heater, dish washer, washing machine or other appliance. Over time, hoses become weakened and pipes can crack, causing household appliances to leak.
  • Leaking air conditioner/HVAC unit. Remember that air conditioners must be serviced regularly to avoid moisture accumulation.
  • Clogged gutters. When your gutters are clogged, rainwater can run down the side of your home, potentially leaking into your walls.
  • Overflowed toilet. When the drain line or main sewer line becomes clogged, your toilet can flood contaminated water into your bathroom.

When it’s your home affected by the rising floodwater, call NuGen Contractors. We’ll send a team straight away to remove the standing water, dry the area and prevent mold growth.

We only use the top water damage restoration process and equipment for the job!

Professional Mold Damage Restoration in Dallas/Fort Worth

NuGen Contractors provides the most professional mold damage restoration and mold remediation services in the Dallas/Forth Worth area. How can you know if your home has mold? Signs of mold damage may include:

  • You recently had water damage from a flooded toilet, burst pipe, etc.
  • Your walls have dark or colored spots.
  • Your air conditioning or heating smells weird.
  • Your wallpaper is peeling.
  • You are constantly sneezing or coughing in your home.

Mold is most commonly found in dark, dank areas if your home, including the basement, attic and crawlspace. Remember that mold can cause respiratory problems and illness, especially in young children and seniors, so it’s important to have any mold damage in your home taken care of as soon as possible.

If you suspect you have mold damage in your home, call NuGen Contractors today. Our team of licensed home restoration professionals utilizes advanced mold remediation equipment to rid your home of mold growths and mold spores quickly and efficiently.

Why NuGen Contractors?

Since our founding, NuGen Contractors has provided the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex with top-notch roofing and remodeling services of all kinds. Today, we’re hoping to help property owners one step further with expert restoration services.

When you call NuGen, you’ll receive our trusted guarantee that promises high-quality work in less time. You’re in good hands!

For top-rated fire, smoke and water damage restoration services in Plano, McKinney & Dallas/Fort Worth area, contact NuGen Contractors. You can reach us daily at 214-923-5007!