Your home’s landscaping is just as important as other aspects in and around the home. It’s like the cover of a good book. It has to draw you in. That is why, at NuGen Contractors, we have a team dedicated to landscaping services in Dallas/Fort Worth.

Landscape Design

Your beautiful landscape starts on paper. With a detailed plan in mind, our landscaping technicians are able to produce a beautiful lawn and garden that suits your home perfectly. Think of it as an accompaniment to your already-wonderful home.

Sod Installation

NuGen Contractors proudly offers sod installation in Dallas/Fort Worth — a process in which we use the utmost care and quality materials to provide you with a healthy, green lawn. Sod is a fantastic way to cut down on lawn maintenance and achieve that green you’ve sought after for so many years.

Stone Work

The right stone work for a pathway or patio can really make or break your landscape design. Using quality materials, professional installation techniques and a trusted team, we provide the top stone work in Dallas/Fort Worth.


Here in Texas, watering is critical if you want a healthy, green lawn. For that, you need an appropriate irrigation system designed with your lawn in mind. You see, sprinkler systems are not a “one size fits all” approach. They must be tailored to the specifications of your lawn.

Drainage Solutions

Too much water isn’t a good thing, even here in Texas. To ensure your lawn doesn’t drown, we also offer drainage solutions. Each drainage system is custom-designed to meet the flow of your landscape and your specific needs as a homeowner.

Sprinkler Installation and Repair

You’ll find that, in time, your sprinkler system doesn’t quite hold up to the job anymore. We can help with that. Our professional sprinkler repair will see your system back up and running in as little as one afternoon.

For today’s top landscaping services in Plano, McKinney & Dallas/Fort Worth area, contact NuGen Contractors. You can reach us at 214-923-5007!

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