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People always say that your home is your castle. Well, it pays to take care of your castle to the fullest extent. You’ll find that, over time, you need professional roofing services, remodeling and exterior or interior painting to liven up your space. NuGen Contractors is the go-to for homeowners in Plano!

Roofing Services

Today’s roofing is more durable and cost-effective than ever before. You have many roofing options, including metal, tile or asphalt composite shingles. Each one has its benefits to consider. NuGen will help you select the best system and then provide professional installation.


To customize your home, the occasional remodeling job is a must. We proudly offer homeowners in Plano everything from kitchen remodeling to bathroom remodeling. Your home will have the latest and greatest.

Exterior Painting

Think of your home as a closed book. You want the cover to be attractive and eye-catching. For that, professional exterior painting is an investment worth every penny. You can choose your color and style — we’ll do the rest!

Gutter Installation & Repair

To protect your home from water damage, mold or pests, professional gutter installation and repair in Plano is necessary. We’ll handle the installation and repair, while you focus your attention on other aspects of the home.

Fencing Installation & Repair

A new, custom-designed fence is about more than just privacy. It can add aesthetic to your backyard and better protect your family. At NuGen Contractors, we use the top fencing materials, designs and styles to suit your needs.


If your garden is your pride and joy, then an arbor is an enhancement. The garden alcove is the perfect accompaniment for an outdoor patio, entrance or walkway leading to flourishing flowers and green grass.

For today’s top roofing services and remodeling in Plano, TX, contact NuGen Contractors. You can reach us at 214-923-5007!