We here at NuGen Contractors —as homeowners ourselves — aim to provide the best residential roofing services in Dallas/Fort Worth and the surrounding area. From roof repairs to routine maintenance, our team does it all!

Emergency Roof Repair

Living in Texas is both a challenge and a pleasure. Over the years, you’ll find that your roof takes quite a beating. The weather, wind and pests all take their toll. Before you know it, you’ve got a serious roof leak, missing shingles or a gaping hole. Our 24-hour emergency roof repair in Dallas/Fort Worth will resolve any trouble possible.

Roof Maintenance

The key to a strong, healthy roof is regular maintenance. At NuGen Contractors, our insured and bonded roof maintenance professionals:

  • Clear debris
  • Check for moss and algae growth
  • Investigate missing or loose shingles
  • Evaluate weather damage
  • Check for sagging caused by water damage
  • And much more!

Roof Leak Detection

A roof leak spells trouble for your entire home. If your goal is to avoid water damage and mold growth, then tracking the source of a roof leak is critical. Our expert leak detection services can detect water leaks, ventilation problems and pests.

Gutter Replacement

A working gutter system is a must for any home in DFW. We see so much rain that, without a proper gutter, your foundation and lawn would drown! If your gutter is starting to fail, now is the time to schedule a gutter replacement.

FREE Roofing Inspections

NuGen Contractors proudly offers residential roofing inspections completely free. We’ll closely examine your roof for signs of age, wear and tear, or overwhelming issues that pose a serious problem.

Call now for top-rated residential roofing services in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX from NuGen Contractors. You can reach us at 214-923-5007!

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