Considering Improvements to Your Frisco Home? Here Are the Top Projects That Will Add Value

Billy Kegg
Invest in your Frisco home with these top improvements that add value

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You bought your home intending to make it your own. For that, you’ve got ideas for home improvements that add value, aesthetic, and function to your everyday life. If you intend to sell eventually, then being selective about which repairs and improvements you make is critical.

We’ve gathered a few of the top home improvement projects in Frisco. These projects will bolster the value of your home and bring you joy in the process.

What Home Improvement Project Gets You Lots of Bang for Your Buck?

The best home improvement project is one that often goes unnoticed or ignored. A steel door isn’t likely an eye-catching addition. What it is, however, is financially sound and secure. When you opt for a brand-new steel door, you’re not only protecting your family and possessions, but you’ll wind up seeing a 97 percent return over time.

A new steel door will pay for itself!

Great Projects for the Exterior of Your Home

Turning our attention to the exterior of your home, there are a few home improvement projects that stand out. First, curb appeal is crucial when it comes time to sell. People always say not to judge a book by its cover. Well, homebuyers judge by outside appearance.

When it comes to curb appeal, consider brand-new windows, exterior painting, landscaping and of course, a new steel door. They’re all attractive, cost-effective improvements worth every penny in the long-run.

Considerations for Increasing the Square Footage of Your Home

Some homeowners, perhaps yourself included, are keen on increasing the square footage of a home. For that, you have two options. You could extend the ground floor or add a second floor. Depending on available space, you may need to look up.

A second floor, when done right — by professionals — adds many rooms and storage space. You can customize the layout to suit your growing family.

Is Remodeling Right for Your Home?

If you fall in love with what most people would call a ‘starter home,’ then your only real option is to remodel and renovate.

  • Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling — The two most popular home remodeling projects on the market, by far. You can do a lot with a bathroom and kitchen, including new appliances, fixtures, flooring, walls and more.
  • Replacing a Garage Door — A garage is a convenience that many families take for granted. With a brand-new garage door, you’ll enjoy increased security, aesthetic and greater comfort overall.
  • Adding a Deck — If your backyard space is empty and lifeless, a deck can bring the area to life. You’ll have a spot to rest and relax, barbecue and enjoy life to its fullest.

Enjoy your home even more with a brand-new addition, including a steel door, with NuGen Contractors. Schedule top-rated service with us by calling (972) 430-6190!